FWC Saltwater Angler Recognition Program

McLean Angling is proud to announce a new partnership with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission to provide engineered landing nets to some of Catch a Florida Memory’s successful anglers. These unique landing nets allow the angler to both accurately weigh and measure fish while it is still in the net, minimizing handling and time out of the water to help increase the fish’s chance of survival upon release. Additionally, the nets are knotless and rubber coated to protect the fish’s skin, scales and slime coat, making them a great option for the conservation-minded angler.

Earn prizes, recognition and bragging rights while supporting marine fisheries conservation. Catch a Florida Memory when you submit your photos to qualify for one of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) three Saltwater Angler Recognition Programs. Whether you’ve caught a Saltwater Reel Big Fish, a Grand Slam or you’re crossing new species off of your Saltwater Life List, there is a challenge for every level of angler! check out www.CatchaFloridaMemory.com and their facebook page www.facebook.com/CatchaFLMemory