Fixed Frame Nets

  • Loosen screw securing net bag frame to handle. Remove hoop (if required, twist slightly back and forth to loosen).
  • Replace old net bag.
  • For knotless mesh, thread each loop over one hoop end, ensuring loops face same direction. Transfer brass ring to new net bag.
  • For rubber and micro mesh, tape one end of hoop, and slide net bag on.
  • Secure net bag hoop in handle, by tightening screw.

Tri Folding Nets

  • Place net in folded position, brass yoke facing down.
  • Open split ring and release net bag loops (knotless mesh) or ribbon (micro/ rubber mesh).
  • Remove one net bag arm by unscrewing bolt (Tip: keep bolt and steel sleeve safe).
  • Remove net bag.  For knotless nets, first undo connecting cord securing net bag (Tip: use pointed tool to push connecting cord through). 
  • Replace net bag.  For knotless nets, loop net bag over the single removed arm. Leave 2 loops at the yoke casting end for connecting to split ring.  For Micro or rubber mesh, slide net bag on.
  • Reconnect removed arm and tighten bolt.
  • Secure net bag to split ring, by threading on loose loops (knotless mesh) or ribbon (rubber and micro mesh). With the net open, move the net bag around the triangle of the arms and cord to place the net loops evenly around the frame. For knotless mesh, secure net bag to connecting cord.
  • Ensure net operates with ease