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Brand Ambassadors

Dave Smith - NZ

Dave has been a fishing fanatic his whole life, starting with spin and bait fishing on family camping trips in the Sierras. Whenever there was a chance to fish, Dave took full advantage of it.  After college Dave had an opportunity to move to New Zealand for work and found his deep passion and love for fly fishing.  Since then, Dave has become a multi-species fly angler and fly tier who chases everything from alpine trout to Belizean bonefish, carp and mako sharks.  He’s been a competition trout angler since 2012, with appearances nationally at two Team USA National Championships, America’s Cup international competition, and many regional events throughout the western United States.  In addition, Dave was on the Professional Fly Angling tour in 2014 and has competed internationally in New Zealand including the Oceania Fly Fishing Championships in 2012.  Dave has been providing fly fishing presentations and on the water tutorials since 2014 and loves sharing his fly fishing and fly-tying passions.

André Brun - Scandinavia

André Brun is a Norwegian flyfisher and flytyer who has dedicated most of his life chasing brown trout and grayling. He has been guiding several years on the Kola Penninsula and also Iceland, and most of all he loves to fish his familiar rivers and lakes close to his home in the eastern parts of Norway. André and Glassklartmedia has made several DVDs over the years about brown trout fishing, and he is a long time magazine writer in national fishing magazines. He has been advocating our McLean nets for many years, because they are gentle to the fish when it comes to catch & release.

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Nick Sage - USA

Hello! I’m Nick Sage, I’m a fly fisherman and tier out of central Michigan, United States. In Michigan, we are fortunate to have a wide variety of species to target and challenge an angler. From brown trout, steelhead , bass, musky, pike and many more species we have it all. If I had to choose my favorite type of fishing, I’d have to answer based on the season.  The more I can learn the more I like it! Though I’d say dry fly trout fishing is very high on the pedestal! McLean makes some of the finest nets in the industry and am excited to be apart of the team..

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